2016 AIDA Team World Championships

Freediving Club Greece and the Municipality of Kalamata are honored to welcome all of You, Athletes, Coaches, Media and Friends of Freediving to the AIDA Team World Championships of 2016.

The event will take place between the 17th - 25th of September and we feel honored that all of you have selected the city of Kalamata and Freediving Club Greece to host the biggest freediving event of 2016. We look forward to welcoming you all in Kalamata, Greece!


Calendarview at a glance the dates of the 2016 AIDA World Championship

  1. SEP. 9-25 / 2016
  2. Fri 9th Sept
  3. Sat 10th Sept
  4. Sun 11th Sept
  5. Mon 12th Sept
  6. Tue 13th Sept
  7. Wed 14th Sept
  8. Thu 15th Sept
  9. Fri 16th Sept
  10. Sat 17th Sep
  11. Sun 18th Sept
  12. Mon 19th Sept
  13. Tue 20th Sept
  14. Wed 21st Sept
  15. Thu 22nd Sept
  16. Fri 23rd Sept
  17. Sat 24th Sept
  18. Sun 25th Sept

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